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In accordance with decisions taken at Federal level, the new version of Fisconetplus has been developed in Microsoft Cloud Office 365. This solution offers a wide range of possibilities, services and new functionalities.

To access your search and consultation space, you need to enter an email address that will be linked to your account. Any email address, including your work email or Google, Skynet, Telenet, Yahoo and Hotmail addresses, can be linked to an Office 365 account.

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The FPS Finance pays close attention to the protection of personal data. To this end, only the data necessary for providing a high-quality service are requested. With regard to personal data, all necessary measures will be taken to protect your privacy. Please read our privacy statement for more information, available on https://www.belgium.be/en/privacy . For further information on how to use Fisconetplus (access, use of applications and resources), please refer to the FAQs on our website.

he protection of your personal data is guaranteed by the Microsoft privacy statement and by the application of national and European regulations. The data and servers are located in Europe.

Please contact the Commission for the Protection of Privacy in the event of a problem. The Department's Privacy Service has a very strict framework for the consultation of personal data, involving a procedure and an assessment of the proportionality, regardless of whether the user is internal or external.

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